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Dedicated Professionals

Our incredible team is truly the heart of Lomo Pictures Sdn Bhd. It’s their talent that leads to award-winning visual content, and their dedication that keeps our clients coming back. Learn more about our team below.

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CEO & Creative Producer

A versatile film producer with more than 18 years of experience. Aron Koh has leveraged and led his company to initiate extensive strategic partnership to establish its presence in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. He has produced numerous film productions and filming that involves innumerable regions as well as experience in handling financing and distribution of films.


He has produced a number of reputable Malaysian and international films. Some of those include the comedy masterpiece of Hong Kong director Clifton Ko’s 《All My Goodness》, China-Malaysia awards winning film 《Victim(s)》, China box office hit genre film 《Haunted Hotel/Haunted Road 2》. 《Haunted Hotel/Haunted Road 2》 has received overwhelming response from audiences in China. To date, it is the highest box office collections for Malaysian film in China. He also produced a coming-of-age Malaysian movie 《Kurus》 which has been nominated for several internationally recognized film festivals such as HKIFF, BIFF, SFFILM, and 8 international film festivals. This film has created a stir in the International Film Festivals arena and received the honorary Special Jury prize at Bangkok International Film Festival.

In 2018, the Chinese New Year film 《A House of Happiness》 clinched the award of Best Cantonese Film at the Maple Leaf Awards under the Sixth Vancouver Chinese Film Festival in Canada.

In 2019 and 2020, the Chinese New Year films 《A Journey of Happiness》 and 《A Moment of Happiness》 became the highest grossing box office of Malaysian Chinese films in their respective years. The CNY Happiness trilogy has become an iconic film product of Aron Koh.

In 2021, 《Zombitopia》 was officially streamed in Disney+ as the highlight for Malaysia and Asean markets.

Aron was also elected as Vice President of the Chinese Film Association of Malaysia (CFAM) in 2014. In 2021, Aron has also written and published a book educating the public about the film making industry.



Awards winning director cum top grossing box office script writer. Some dubbed him as the legendary script writer. IMDb described him as the most successful script writer of all time in terms of domestic box office. Ryon has more than 20 years in the film industry as a director and script writer. His legendary skills in script writing and directing will keep audiences guessing in some movies even after the end-credits roll.


Ryon has written and directed some of the most successful and well-known films including 《Woohoo Big Day》, 《Great Day》, 《Nasi Lemak 2.0》 and also 《The Journey》 which gained the classification of one of the best local film with the second highest box office record in Malaysia.

Ryon has won the “Best Script” in by Malaysia Golden Wau Awards with 《Nasi Lemak 2.0》.

Besides being a director, Ryon was also active in theatre for the past decades wherein he won the Outstanding Youth Award in the Global Chinese Culture and Awards in 2005. He also won the Best Original Screenwriter for 5 consecutive years.

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